Robotics is a rapidly evolving industry incorporating aspects of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science at its core, with a variety of other practices in addition. Utilizing bleeding-edge technology, companies and consumers alike can achieve faster, safer, and more efficient solutions to common or complex problems.

Working with the latest technology and the brightest companies, we at Protyo are able to provide robotic solutions for consumers, facilities, industries, and products alike. Utilizing state-of-the-art software such as ROS and ML/DL, our teams are able to quickly build and integrate platforms into new and existing environments effectively.

With experience in consumer, educational, and industrial applications, our teams have the capability to develop autonomous, remote, and co-working robots in the aerial, ground, and marine space. Solutions utilizing sensors such as LiDAR, Radar, Depth, Thermal, Force, Flex, GPS, and IMU with our software platform can incorporate computer vision, deep learning, and machine learning techniques to realize your objectives.